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Common Sense Nutrition

Common sense nutrition is the secret behind a healthy, strong, sexy and sound body and mind. Not a “magic pill”, a high protein, no-carb, low fat, no-fat diet, or strict adherence to the glycemic index. No, it is common sense nutrition, balanced with activity, work, play and rest that will yield the best resutls. More than simply what you are putting in your mouth, it is in your head, your hands and in your home.

Some basics in the progression to common sense nutrition:

- Understand the importance of food. Author Elizabeth Somer, MA, RD tells us: “What we eat can affect whether we are happy, sad, irritable, moody, alert, calm or sleepy.” Overcome the love/hate relationship - let food nourish and nurture you; think of food as a friend that picks you up when you are out of steam, like a warm shower when you are cold, a hot bath when you are feeling weary. It brings comfort, and leaves energy, vitality and nourishment.

- Plan for your daily eating just the way you plan your workday and personal errands. Map out healthy meals and snacks - the what, when and where you will be having them. Assess your plan and then balance your daily intake with physical and mental output. Take notice of how you are feeling and seek support and guidance if you recognize you need assistance.

- Plan to succeed with a baby step transition to eating better, feeling better, choosing better, performing better and as a combined result, looking better. Overcome the “all or nothing” approach. Let go of over-indulgence and/or deprivation. Rebound from crashes and recognize your successes - every little one. Eat a variety of fresh, clean nutritious foods, consciously consuming each bite.

Proper fueling will change the quality and vitality of your life and the best way to realize this is to begin to fuel yourself with the best and highest octane foods you can obtain.

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