Challenge accepts payments by Card, PayPal and DD only
All memberships are available online and in the gym


  • 12 month month DD Membership 

  • Cheapest DD Membership in the AREA

  • Includes a FREE Induction


You Save

  • Free Induction

  • 12 months Full Membership

  • Cheapest PIF Membership in the AREA

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  • 6 month DD Membership

  • 2nd Cheapest in the area                  we have the 1st too!

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  • Single month

  • Great for students or those who want to try before committing to a DD

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  • Pay As You Go

  • Get your £8.95 back with an annual membership if you sign up on the day  of your PAYG

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  • Pay to train your client here

  • £12 for 1 client

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£17 for 2 clients training at the same time

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  • 3 months Paid in Full

  • Ideal for students or those in the area temporarily

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for any other membership enquiries, please call us on:
01279 503503


Members aged 15-16yrs (Year 11) require a mandatory Induction. This is free for 12-month members (either DD or PIF)

and must be booked within a week of joining.

For any other memberships, including the PAYG, there is a £10 (group session) or a £25 (1-2-1) fee to pay

and must be booked within a week of joining.

All 15-16yr old (Year 11) Inductions are an hour long and go in-depth into our equipment to benefit the member and their goals.

Members over 16 do not require an induction but can choose to have one FREE with a 12-month membership (either DD or PIF)

if they want to have a refresher and learn how to use some of our more complex machines.

All other memberships for over 16's do not supply Inductions;

if you are inexperienced, we recommend booking with one of our Personal Trainers.