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New Rules for Full Gym Opening

Sat 25th July 

Dear Challenge members and gym users



Here is more information for you regarding our reopening on


Saturday 25th July 2020


We are fully satisfied that we have adhered to all the relevant government guidelines for the reopening of indoor gyms. 


For the last 2 weeks we have not only been successfully operating our outside gym but we have been working hard to bring you a newly arranged, more spacious and fully deep cleaned gym that provides you with everything you need to train safely.


As we said previously we at the Challenge have complied with all the new guidelines and we will continue to do so for as long as it is necessary. Staff will have certain duties to comply to but members will also have new guidelines to follow.


Here are the new guidelines that we would like our members and gym users to adhere to. Note these may change in accordance to any new guidelines issued but we will keep you updated.

These new guidelines will enable us to all work as a team. We all want a clean safe environment to work and train in and we all want to keep as safe as possible.


These Guidelines below comply in detail with for the reopening of indoor gyms.


We would like our members to adhere to the following :


1. Use hand sanitiser regularly from the hand sanitiser stations  provided around the gym. 


2. Please follow all the signed information displayed in the gym regarding Covid safety.


3. We will be operating a new booking system . Please ensure that your membership is LIVE before attending as the booking system will only allow you to book if it is live.

Non member booking is available on the same link above.

If in any doubt about your membership, please email

Numbers will be limited to 25 members and 5 non members booking per session.

Session are 1hr 15min each


4. All gym equipment will be regularly cleaned throughout the day by staff but all members will be asked to clean the equipment they use with the cleaners and cloths provided.


PLEASE NOTE those not cleaning the equipment after use (this includes anything touched by gym users, machines, weights, bars etc) may result in the gym user not being permitted to train further. We must all take cleaning very seriously.


5. Please arrive at the gym in workout wear. As we are not allowed to open the changing rooms and showers at the moment. You will have to shower/change at home.


6. We have to keep music at a reasonable level to reduce the risk of people shouting to each other. Therefore we ask that you do not shout and if you are wearing earphones please keep them at an appropriate level.


7. The Booking sessions will be 


Mon - Fri 


06.00  -  07.15

07.30  -  08.45

09.15  -  10.30

10.45  -  12.00

12.15. -  13.30

13.45  -  15.00

15.30  -  16.45

17.00  -  18.15

18.30  -  19.45

20.00. -   21.15


Sat & Sun


09.15  -  10.30 

10.45  -  12.00

12.15  -  13.30

13.45  -  15.00

15.15  -  16.30


8. We will be selling bottled drinks but we do ask for you to pay with contactless is possible. Staff will wear gloves when passing drinks etc and we will have a designated area for drink collections.


9. We are not allowed to operate our air conditioning system so we will keep all doors open where possible and fans on full to aid full ventilation inline with the issued guidelines. We have powerful extractors which will be running.


10. We ask that any necessary correspondence such as membership and payment queries is made via email 

( this is to avoid reception congestion and to limit staff using the gym telephone. 


11. As we all know social distance rules are still in place so therefore please make sure that you abide by the 2 meter where possible or the 1+ metre rule where this is not possible. Signs are posted in the gym as a reminder to all.


12. We have to make sure that we schedule cleaning times into the day so please understand this will be during and after opening times. The booking form will reflect our cleaning times.


13. We ask that you train alone or with people within your social bubble. No more than 2 people per machine and NO supersetting ie you must only use 1 piece of equipment at a time.


14. The gym booking system will allow us to control the flow and movement of members but we do ask that you only arrive at your booked session time and leave promptly at the end to avoid car park congestion. Please wait in your car until the main door is open then remain 2 meters apart. If you do not arrive by car please keep 2 meters apart or 1m+


15. If you can walk or cycle to your workout session it will be greatly appreciated. We will be providing bike racks shortly.


16. You may bring your own small items ie: mats, workout bands etc to aid your workout but these will be your own responsibility and must be cleaned.


17. Toilets will be available but it will be on a one in one out basis and they will be cleaned regularly. Hand towels will be provided as we can not provide hand dryers. You must clean any surfaces that you have touched with the antibac and paper towels. 


18. When you come to the gym please understand that you will not be able to bring family or children with you unless they are exercising with you, the minimum age is 15.


19. In addition to our risk assessments we ask that you report to us anything you feel needs to be addressed and we will act immediately.


20. If you are attending a class the studio will be well ventilated and cleaned thoroughly. Markers will be placed on the floor to indicate your workout position and will be spaced appropriately.

Classes begin Monday July the 3rd.


Our outside gym has proved very popular so we are keeping it in place for the foreseeable future.

This addition will be included as a bonus in your membership and it will be available for members to use if they are more comfortable training outside. However please note that we will have a limit of 10 people outside at one time. We reserve the right to withdraw this area when appropriate. 


Classes will resume Monday 3rd August, more details to follow.


We aim to make your workouts as smooth running as possible whilst keeping you safe and comfortable. If we all work together to comply to the new guidelines we will be able to make your workouts as normal as is possible at this stage. We know how important your training is to you, your body and mind, and we are pleased that we can finally open the gym and offer you a great facility to train in.


Please be patient, this is the NEW Normal, so we will have to adjust and adapt and we will improve things daily.


If you have any questions please email us at and we will answer them for you.


We look forward to  seeing you all and welcoming you back  to the Challenge Gym!


Kind regards


Challenge Gym Team

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