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Reopening Email

Dear All

We are pleased to announce that we are reopening on Monday 12th April We thank you for your support during these challenging times.


At present we are busy preparing to reopen. We know that you have all missed the gym and we are planning to make your return a great and of course safe experience.


If your membership was frozen, it will restart when we open on the 12th

We hope you enjoy the New Studio Gym with an extra 1200sqft of space and equipment.

Pics here

We will also have a new "Functional" training area ready by the 12th!


You can rejoin online at 


If you wish to Pay as You Train until you feel like you want to join, you can book here

NB NEW memberships will be £29pm from the 12th of April, so we recommend telling your friends and family to join asap! 

You will no longer have to book sessions or time slots...Hooray!!  We know this will please you!   (However Non members and guests will still need to book via our website)


Before we closed we were complying with the government guidelines to keep all our members safe.

These guidelines are still basically the same as before so upon reopening we will still have all our usual safety measures in place.



We will  provide clean cloths and spray for all members to use

Machines will be spaced appropriately.

Hand sanitiser will be available to use.

You can wear a mask if you wish but it is not mandatory.

A screen will still be around the reception area .

You must train alone or with someone from your "bubble"

The coffee area still cannot be used, but we will be selling shakes and protein powders from reception

Showers and changing rooms and therefore lockers are still not allowed to be used but they will be available to use as soon as we are allowed to reopen them

Weights must be cleaned and returned to their correct place
We would recommend avoiding 5pm - 7pm if you can, as this session is likely to be popular, especially for the first few weeks.


We will continue to monitor and manage the amount of members in the gym at one time for your safety.


We do ask that all gym users comply to the Covid safety regulations and we will have them on display around the gym for you to read and they will also be on our website.


Staff will continue to clean the gym for you as usual and with all members cleaning the gym equipment too it will be just as safe as before.


To avoid congestion we also advise that when you have finished your workout you leave as soon as possible to allow others in. Also with congestion in mind we do ask that you contact us via email, call us or visit our website for any information. We also recommend joining online although you can still join at reception if necessary.


Our opening times are:

Mon - Fri 6am - 9.30pm (9pm Fridays)

Sat - Sun 9am - 5pm


As previously mentioned if you have any enquires please contact us via email or visit our website for more information on the gym and what we offer.

You can also check out our Facebook page and Instagram. 


We hope to see you all very soon and we are so pleased that we can finally allow you to train again! 

Kind regards


Wayne, Christine and the Challenge Gym Team

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