• PT Jack Mautterer

How to Use Circuit Training to Sculpt an Amazing Body

Short on time? Want to knock out strength training and cardio at the same time? Does building muscle while losing fat sound good to you? Then circuit training is your answer.

What is Circuit Training?

It’s a training protocol where you take 3 or more exercises and place them into a “circuit”. Each circuit is then repeated multiple times until the completion of your workout. Your workout is considered complete once you reach a predetermined workout time or after you’ve completed a certain number of circuit sets.

The exercises you use for a circuit can be done weighted with a barbell/dumbbell at home or in a gym, or with your own body weight. Circuit training is best suited for full-body training. That means you’ll want to pick a variety of exercises for each circuit so that each body part is getting worked.

Where can I do Circuit Training?

It’s We offer early Morning Bootcamps with Body-Fit every Tuesday & Thursday morning 06:15-07:15am and our HiiT classes with Coach Nick every Thursday 09:30-10:30am and Saturday 10:00-11:00am!

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