Dear Members 

We have sent the following by email.

On the 31st we listened to the governments update on the tier system and it seems clear that for the time being, we will have to remain closed.


With this in mind we are offering all Challenge Gym members a choice of 2 options.


1. Freeze your membership


You can contact us via email and request a freeze on your membership whilst we are closed. This means that no payments will be collected during your requested freeze dates.

Please remember that cancelling your dd at your bank is not a way of freezing your membership or your payments..

If you wish to freeze your membership it can only be frozen by the club via an email request.



2. Keep your membership live.


Many members have already contacted us and kindly offered their support by requesting that their memberships remain live. We are extremely grateful and therefore would like to let you know that this is an option. Albeit not an expected one.

But by keeping your membership live you will not only be supporting your gym but as a thank you we will guarantee that you will be exempt from our scheduled annual price increase, due next year, for a full 12 months. We will make sure that your current monthly payment does not increase when you do not freeze your DD


We at Challenge Gym value you as we do all our members and we hope that you can support us and in return we can support you. We have always tried our best to keep our membership prices low, and our members have enjoyed the lowest priced membership in the area for many years. With the roll out of the new vaccines, it looks likely that this is the last lockdown that we will all have to endure.


We completely understand if you wish to discuss any problems you may have regarding your membership. We want you to be happy with your membership choice.



Please take note of the following important info:


If you wish to contact us via email please be aware that it may take a few days for us to respond. Rest assured we will get back to you. 


Please remember that whilst in teir 4 all club systems are still in place. This means that if a member cancels their dd at the bank without notifying us before hand, the automated system will put their account into arrears. We do not want this to happen to any of our members as this results in letters etc from the agreement company. Therefore please contact the club first with any membership issues.


We can all get through this together and we can all get back to training and keeping fit again as soon as possible.


Kind Regards


Wayne, Christine and the team.


Challenge Gym