Martial Arts & Fight Zone

Martial Arts & Fight Zone


Train in any Krav Maga or MMA Class, plus use the Fight Zone any time when were open but do not have a class on, you can use the bags, wall bags, spring ball, great soft floor for grappling too! cost is just £35 pm! call 01279 503503

Fight Zone

The Custom Training area for MMA, Boxing, Krav Maga, Judo and Mauy Thai is now open, the training area when not used for classes will be open for use for all full challenge members for casual use ie those committing to 3 months membership or longer.

(our new fight zone below)

new fight zone 2


Mixed Martial Arts (for beginners)

New to Challenge Gym, we are pleased to add MMA to our comprehensive training schedule. Trainers Wayne Till and David Chastell will give you a workout you wont believe! Kicks, Punches, Elbows, conditioning  groundwork and pad work, all in our custom made training area. MMA is top for conditioning fitness weight loss and self confidence. We accept ages of 14 and up for the senior classes (junior class coming soon)

standup mma

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the fastest growing martial arts and self defence system in the world. We teach ”real world” defences against attackers who may have knives, weapons, or who may grab you, choke, you or attack you in any manner, Krav Maga is an Israeli system of real self defence skills, taught to the Israeli military.

We pride ourselves on providing reality based training that will help you to protect yourself and others in an easy to learn practical training programme.

Our classes are suitable for all ability levels. Whether you are currently unfit and have never done anything like this before or you have a black belt, you will be able to pick up Krav Maga very quickly. Classes are suitable for all ages from 15 years old.

(Krav Maga class in the Fight Zone)

Krav Maga

JUDO & Grappling

Grappling / Bjj & Judo tech on thursdays at 6.15, learn all aspects of grappling and grappling for MMA


Open Mat Wednesdays at 7.00! Come along and grapple in our fight zone, just turn up and pay £5, grapple in comfort on our special 50mm soft floor, bring a friend as this is new and word will have to spread, use the punch bags too if you want, you can train in the fight zone at any other time as long as their is no class, please see the time table below.

david chastell

MAUY THAI Kickboxing

Mauy Thai kickboxing padwork and fitness class starts, starts Monday 1st June 6.15 cost is £6 per class

mma girl


non contact kids boxing from 9 years, train with Ricky Hatton Academy instructor Annette cost is just £5 per session

children-boxing 2

● Kicking and punching skills
● Fitness & flexibility
● Defence against grabs, holds & chokes
● Awareness & prevention Skills
● Defending against armed attackers
● Increased self confidence
● Protect yourself and others

For more information please call us on 01279 503503, or speak to Wayne at the gym.

Monday6.15pmNickMauy Thai Kickboxing
7.30pmWayne / GeoffKrav Maga
Tuesday6.15pmWayneMMA (Mixed martial arts)
Wednesday6.15pmAnnetteRicky Hatton Boxing
7.00pmOpen mat grapplingGrappling / Judo / Bjj
Thursday 6.15pmWayneMMA (Mixed martial arts)
Friday4.15pmAnnettKids Boxing (from 8yrs)