Martial Arts


Mixed Martial Arts (for beginners)

New to Challenge Gym, we are pleased to add MMA to our comprehensive training schedule. Trainer Wayne Till will give you a workout you wont believe! Kicks, Punches, Elbows, conditioning  groundwork and pad work, all in our custom made training area.

mma pad workClasses are for both Adults and Juniors (juniors from 8-13/14) older than that they may go in the adult classes

We will be opening the training studio early in march

MMA will start mid march, and will cost just £6 per class




Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the fastest growing martial arts and self defence system in the world.

We pride ourselves on providing reality based training that will help you to protect yourself and others in an easy to learn practical training programme.

Our classes are suitable for all ability levels. Whether you are currently unfit and have never done anything like this before or you have a black belt, you will be able to pick up Krav Maga very quickly.

Krav MagaClasses are suitable for all ages from 15 years old.

We aim to make all classes fun as well as teaching vital self defence training. Krav Maga is unlike anything else you have see before so please come along and try it out, your first class is free! Why not bring a friend to train with you? They won’t have to pay for the first session either.

Our exciting classes will teach you:

● Kicking and punching skills
● Fitness & flexibility
● Defence against grabs, holds & chokes
● Awareness & prevention Skills
● Defending against armed attackers
● Increased self confidence
● Protect yourself and others

For more information please call us on 01279 503503, or speak to Wayne at the gym.